Lovely Libraries: Intro Post

We’ve finally made it to Friday! This week has been incredibly packed for me and I’ve still got a lot in the works for the weekend but it should be less hectic from here on out (fingers crossed!).

I wanted to talk about a new feature I’ll be sharing with you soon, somewhat in line with my last post and thoughts on productivity. As I may have mentioned on the blog before and as some of my Instagram stories have shown, I’ve been exploring the libraries on my campus over the summer.

I had only been to 5 or so during my first year but usually ended up studying or writing in my room, and I’ve found I really have a hard time focusing with so many other distractions around.

So! while I had some time off during the summer, why A1 (1)not check out the many, many libraries nearby! The university has a printed map of all the libraries and I had created a list with the hours of each so I could schedule out times to visit them (more organization tendencies coming in to play). When I started out, I took some notes on my phone re: seating capacity, food restrictions, outlets, etc. and I realized, “I can write blog posts about this!”

I was a little anxious at first in exploring these new-to-me spaces but it’s been fun going into departments I never would’ve visited otherwise. I still have 4 more to visit before my tour is complete, but I’ve been drawing up my comparisons to see which one may be my ideal study spot.

A1 (2)

There are 44 (!) libraries at this university but I only have 21 on my list so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on those with you soon, and for those of you in Toronto, perhaps you’ll find a new spot that works for you!

If you’re a U of T student, let me know where your favourite places to study are!
For others: do you have a usual study/reading spot, whether on campus or off?

Happy weekend, all! Hope you get lots of studying and/or reading in, wherever you are!




3 thoughts on “Lovely Libraries: Intro Post

  1. Go for it! I hope you enjoy exploring the new spaces and libraries. Even if it makes you nervous, remember you’re always at home in books 😉 I really don’t feel comfortable in a public library, even though I admire the books and aesthetic of it. Which is why I’ve been in the library twice only, in a year, even though I study literature and creative writing xD

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    • I’m actually not sure, I guess because there’s a such a large student population and they have a pretty big focus on research. Some of them are more specialized and some are little more than a small room but I found some nice study spaces among them!


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