Senior Year

Hello everyone, it’s time for another special update in the life of me 🙂

The second year of my program has officially started! I don’t know if they really use the junior/senior terminology in grad school but I’m in my final year of school (possibly ever). I’m already feeling a little anxious, as I probably made clear in some of my previous posts, just as more and more stuff continues to pile up.

Some news from the last time I checked in — I now have two new volunteer positions and a paid job!! Crazy developments that I’m incredibly excited about even though they’ll add to my workload (that brings me up to 4 volunteer, 2 paid, and 3 student club positions for those who were counting).

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It feels like a lot (because it is a lot) but I’m determined to face it more head-on this year. I’m trying to make more of an effort to improve my studying methods this year, as I am a high-functioning procrastinator and that’s really taken its toll over my schooling. I always say I’ll do better but I really want to hold myself to that this time; accountability and productivity are going to be my two driving forces this year.

I often find it difficult to start assignments because I want to get right to the finished product, but I was reminded through my summer course how much easier a first draft makes the writing process. It’s like a million times easier!!! I was able to write the final essay during class because I had all my thoughts worked out beforehand. So much better than sitting in front of a blank screen and willing a clear argument to come out expertly articulated.

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I’ve always been a list person and I think part of my process this year will be to schedule more of my day, possibly down to the hours so I can make sure I’m focused on what I need to be doing. I know I’ve shared some organization tips on here in the past but we’re going super in-depth this year — this will be a successful year! I may write some more posts about what works for me but I may also just continue with these life updates as it’s been a pretty good outlet when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

As always, thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts 🙂 Those of you who are in school, I wish you the best of luck with your year, and for others, I hope you had some exciting summer adventures!

What’s one of your goals for the year? Any fun plans for the week?


8 thoughts on “Senior Year

  1. Good luck on finishing grad school!! I’ve never done grad school but I remember my senior year of Undergrad was a lot for me to deal with too. But I got through it and so will you! 🙂

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  2. Congrats on your new jobs, both paid and volunteer! That’s quite a lot to do and you will certainly be busy. Don’t get to overwhelmed and make sure you make time to rest and relax too 😉 I think my goal for second year of uni is to do well in my studies, keep up with trying to be social and also look after my INFJ self at the same time, and do more of what makes me happy like last year ^.^

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  3. Woohoo, here’s to the last year of grad school (for me too)! It’s great that you’ve been paying attention to your habits and have strategies to try to improve them this year. I also find a daily to do list really helpful. Otherwise I start to drift into “What am I supposed to be doing today??” and end up just doing nothing. ^^; I make a daily list in the morning and update it before bed, adding any ideas for the next day. Best of luck with your commitments!

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