Review: Unstolen by Tony Batton

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If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of back to regular weekly posts 😀 I don’t want to make it official since I still have a lot of other stuff going on but I have some more reviews and recaps to share with you so the rest of summer looks good!

Now on to this review (you may recognize the author from a book I reviewed last year here)!

Unstolen by Tony Batton
Genre: Thriller

Jake Moro is a modern day Robin Hood. Almost. He returns stolen items to their rightful owners. At a price.

A man has to make a living, and Jake more than most. Because he’s still paying for mistakes made a long time ago. And they weren’t even his.

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I really enjoyed the last book I read by this author, Resurface, so I was definitely interested in this one when the author reached out! Unstolen is a standalone but it leaves you with just enough that there could be more stories to come, and I for one would love to see more of this team’s adventures!

Jack has set up a unique business where he and his team steal things that have been stolen from their customers. They keep a low profile as IT technicians, all while planning their next job. However, all of that is on the line because someone on the inside has set Jake up. Most of this book is told as a flashback as we find this out in the first chapter, so readers can try to pick up any clues to see who may be causing all this havoc.

It didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book but I found that Jake could be pretty dumb a lot of the times, especially for someone who’s so in the know with tech stuff and has reason to be concerned with security. You can’t afford to be this careless! There were also some twists that I felt were easy to see coming though Jake didn’t pick up on many of these until it was too late.

That said, I LOVED the climax of this one, which had a bunch of twists – some I predicted and others that totally took me by surprise. There are so many different and moving parts that when it comes together it’s kind of a huge mess, and it was so fun! I was smiling through the whole thing.

Little things for me, again about some of the characters – one of the characters felt really inconsistent to me, in one specific trait. Most of the time, his number one concern is money and has no qualms about risks as long as the reward is great enough. But in one situation where the reward was huge, he suddenly had doubts (though later was back to his money-chasing ways). It felt at odds with how he was presented in the rest of the book.

As well, most of the characters seem to be in their mid to late 20s, not a problem in and of itself but as someone who is in their mid-20s, when characters are the same age as me and mega-accomplished it either feels unlikely or depressing.

Jake did feel like a realistic 20-something but when another of the characters, Susan, was describing her past schooling and career, it felt like she had done too much to be so young. Maybe that’s just a critique based on the fact that I’m two years younger and nowhere near as accomplished, but I think she would’ve been better suited as a woman in her mid-30s rather than only 26.

This was a fun read, even with a book about loss and violence and semi-illegal activities, with a lot of little mysteries to try to unravel. Really enjoyable and of course I’m looking forward to more that this author puts out!

About the Author: Tony Batton worked in Version 2international law firms, media companies and Formula One motorsport, before turning his hand to writing novels. He is passionate about great stories, gadgets and coffee, and probably consumes too much of each.

Tony’s novels explore the possibilities and dangers of new technology, and how that can change lives. When not writing, or talking about gadgets, Tony likes to play basketball, guitar, and computer games with his two young sons. He lives in Twickenham with his family.

You can contact Tony by email here, or find him on Twitter. He’d love to hear from you.

Author links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Review: Unstolen by Tony Batton

  1. Even though this one has it flaws it sounds like it still turned out to be a pretty good book! I think I might get a bit annoyed at the fact that he is supposedly so smart and still misses so many things… but otherwise I like the sound of it and that the climax wasn’t predictable!

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