Tips and Tricks: Organizing My Reading (and Life!)

This post seems a little out of the norm from my usual stuff but I realized I could talk to you guys about some of the methods I’ve been using to organize my reading and blogging, since it’s pretty relevant!

JTER3822 (2)

I started using Goodreads (which eventually led me to this book community) cuz I’m a little (a lot) obsessive about tracking what I read. My agendas in elementary used to have a little section to write the books you read each week so when I found Goodreads, it made everything much easier!

I’m also just a bit of an obsessive planner in general, regardless of whether I actually follow those plans because I may or may not have mentioned that I’m the world’s greatest (worst?) procrastinator. Still, lists and tables are my best friends and I’ve put them to great use with my blog, so here are some examples of what’s worked for me!

As I mentioned, I like to track my reading, not only what I’ve read but when I’ve read it. I used to put a little ‘R’ on the days in my calendar when I was reading, but soon after starting this blog I was reading a ton of books and often multiple at a time, so without any other information all those Rs could get pretty confusing.

Below I’ve included a photo of my current planner with how I make sense of all my reading. When I start a new book I’ll write ‘R#’ and at least one word from the title so I can quickly recognize what the book is. The number refers to the number of books I read in a year, so R1 here is my first book of the year. When I finish a book, I’ll write R# and ‘end‘ — with this and the title, it makes it really easy at a glance to see when I started and finished each book.


Little known fact, I haven’t handwritten in a very long time. (Also, this photo is staged :P)

So as the photo shows, I started R1 on the 2nd, read more of it on the 6th, and then finished it on the 8th. Including the numbers, as well as keeping things straight (for example, the 14th would be confusing if it was just R!), also makes it really handy to see how I’m doing with the Goodreads reading challenge. Sometimes I’ll write the full titles of each book on that month’s page so I can see a little list of the books I read each month of the year.

I’ve more recently been using Goodreads ‘currently reading’ function, whereas before I would just enter the books I’d read after I’d finished them, so my planner is less necessary now but I still really like being able to keep track on paper.

I had a lot more to say about this little planner than I anticipated so I’ll keep the rest of my tips and tricks for later (maybe this’ll become a regular feature? Who knows?!).

Also, feel free to add me on Goodreads! 🙂 I’d love to see your current reads, and of course learn about your personal tracking methods!!


Thank you to Terry’s Hair Salon & Spa for the perfect-sized planner for all my reading tracking needs. This is not sponsored but I’d definitely accept a 2019 planner if you were so inclined to send one my way 😀

Happy weekend all and happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians! I don’t know what my plans are for this weekend (because I’m writing this post a whole week early! *gasp/shock/awe*) but I’ll be outside regardless, soaking up the sun!

What are your plans for this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks: Organizing My Reading (and Life!)

  1. I also love keeping track of my reading! I use Goodreads for this most often nowadays, but my planner is also FULL of blogging and reading related things. I like your system for notating things in your planner! It’s really simple and clean; I might try implementing something similar to streamline a bit!

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