Grad School Year 1

I know I’ve been in and out already this month but I haven’t really had time to do one of my grad school/life recaps yet! I kind of dropped the ball on these in second term because it got so busy so I have lots to update you all with (though I can’t remember exactly where I left off).

So first off, I’m finished the first year of my program! Officially halfway through! Things were a bit tense for a while because my projects started to take on a life of their own but it all came together really well in the end!

I’m taking a summer course right now but it’ll thankfully be a little calmer with just the one. I’m really looking forward to relaxing days this summer — more time to read!

With that little segue, I wanted to mention that I’ll be doing a book recap this week too — finally updating you on the bookish event I went to last month and some of the book mail I’ve received. Way behind the game for #FrenzyPresents news but we’re gonna do it anyway!

But back to life updates — I also had a little time to go home for a visit, and we had really good weather so that was a nice bonus 🙂 Some family visited at the same time and since they introduced us to Mexican Train, we always have a Mexican-themed dinner when they’re in (organized by my sister). Here are some of the treats we had that day — recipes and supervision came from my sister but it was a family affair, everyone had a hand in making these!

Margaritas, guac (of course), salad with honey and lime dressing (so good!), Mexican lasagna, and the star of the show – chocolate cake with chili and cinnamon syrup

I actually don’t know whether I posted about it here or not but I also went to New York earlier this year with my sister. It was our first time back in probably over 10 years and entirely planned around the announcement of Anastasia on Broadway (which was wonderful!!!). I got to see Sara Bareilles on stage and in person at the stage door, as well as on every garbage can and billboard around Times Square, and we also visited some movie inspiration spots like Macy’s to reenact the Elf mattress scene and New York Public Library to try and spot some ghosts, so all in all a great trip!

What this month will look like is a little bit up in the air at the moment so I’m gonna use what time and good weather I have to get out and enjoy the city! Hope you all have a great week and check in Friday for some of my bookish adventures from the last little while!

What are your plans for the summer?




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