Spotlight: Smoke by Roxanne Heath

Feels like a long time since the last one but I’ve got another spotlight to share with you! This one comes from author Roxanne Heath, and her debut sounds super creepy so right up my alley. Check it out below!

smoke imageSmoke: A Novel by Roxane Heath
Genre: Paranormal Horror / Suspense / Magical Realism

Finding a dead man in the woods seems, at first, like any other routine tragedy. Burdened by a lack of scientific evidence, the investigation takes a much darker turn when a series of interviews uncover sordid details from this dead man’s past including a history of magic and violence. This story takes the four main characters on a journey trying to determine the cause of death, leading each to question his or her own motivations for wanting the truth, and quickly revealing the consequences of betraying the trust of the dead.​

Buy it from Amazon!

About the Author: Roxanne Heath’s interests and Roxanne imageambitions have changed many times over the years, but the one constant has been her affinity for fiction. Her primary hobby in childhood was writing stories, and the habit continued well into her high school and college years. Her first story, Smoke: A Novel, was self-published in June of 2016. Her favorite genres to write are science fiction, and those dealing with ghosts and the occult.

Author links: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram



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