Review: Arlington by Winston

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So apparently I’m not quite done with reviews of thrillers! 😛 This one has a compelling idea behind it but something is lost from thought to page. Read on for more of my own thoughts!

Arlington by Winston
Genre: Sci-Fi / Political Thriller

The rich and powerful are all targets.
A domestic terrorist cell in America has taken aim at politicians and the wealthy elite class to cleanse the government of corruption, to stop the flow of money within the political system. You can’t teach a politician new tricks, so it’s best to put them down!
They created an assassin, her name is Arlington.

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I’m gonna break my review down into the things I liked and disliked to make this easier. Obviously based on my rating, my dislikes outweighed the likes but there were still some aspects that stood out that I think the author did well.

This book is quite violent as Arlington is an assassin who sets out to kill almost every politician in the States. While I knew this would be a part of the package, I wasn’t expecting such detailed and over-the-top descriptions of said violence, so I really don’t think I’m the ideal audience for this type of book. As well, the majority of the characters are actual politicians and celebrities. Chris Christie, Donald Trump, Condoleeza Rice, and Matt Lauer are just a few of those who make an appearance and, as you can expect, meet an untimely end. I understand using existing people as characters so that your readers have some reference point but writing such gross depictions of their deaths, especially some racialized ones, is very uncomfortable to read.

One of the biggest hurdles in reading this book was the extremely poor grammar, which is what I meant above by saying something was lost from thought to page. The story was interesting at times but I felt like I was skimming to get the overall idea. Spelling, grammar, incorrectly labelled dialogue, all made for a very confusing read. Even more seriously, some characters were highly inconsistent in their personalities so it was hard to understand their motives. I did have an ARC so some of the grammar issues could come back to that but it seemed like it wasn’t put through any kind of editing at all.

I did enjoy the characters in the beginning though, especially when we’re given glimpses into what is motivating them. The sisterly bond that compels one character to drastic means was very touching, and the discussion of becoming numb to the pains was an interesting focus on grief. The ‘new characters’ cast is also quite diverse and mainly women so that was a breath of fresh air for the thriller genre. And even in this dark and violent story, there was room for funny moments, like the appearance of Agatha Christie (I won’t give away any more than that 🙂 ).

Still, the extreme violence and poor grammar is tough to move past to make this a more enjoyable read.

About the Author: The author known as Winston chooses to remain incognito for the time being. So the lack of a bio is not a mistake. There is no shame for what was created, the author is actually very proud, however Winston is a storyteller who appreciates anonymity.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own


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