Review: Resurface by Tony Batton

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And our last thriller of the week! Lots of techy stuff in this one and very cool inventions!

Resurface: The Interface Series by Tony Batton
Genre: Technothriller

A Chief Executive in jail, a company in tatters. A hidden facility pushing the boundaries of scientific research. A deadly assassin on a mission for revenge. An item of unstable technology stolen from a CIA black site. A plot to make us more than human, whatever the risks. A young man that connects them all.

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As you can see, this is part of a series but again I didn’t read the first book. Admittedly, there were some parts that would’ve been a lot clearer had I read it but I was still able to follow along, just without more of the background that would have explained everyone’s relationships upfront. Though it was a little confusing, I think it makes for a different reading experience by reading them out of order. Each character’s history is slowly revealed so it feels a lot more suspenseful. Still, you’ll probably have an easier time if you do read both books.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away as the blurb keeps it short and sweet but I’ll give you a little more to get you intrigued. This book centers around nanotechnology, which is being used by some to create dangerous weapons, and hence why it is illegal. Because of their involvement with nanotech, the CEOs of CERUS have been imprisoned though MI5 agent Stephanie Reems thinks they may still be experimenting, even behind bars. Unfortunately for her, the CIA start stepping on toes when an important and dangerous item is stolen from them, and the Russian mafia set out to seek their own kind of justice. One character is at the center of all this trouble, though not by choice, and he’s being chased down by people from all sides. While he wants to stay hidden, he’s also searching for answers and so he can’t stay away for long.

It sounds like there’s a lot going on but each part flows smoothly together. The book changes perspective quite a lot so we’re able to get a fuller understanding of what’s going on, and what trouble’s brewing. Even getting to hear the story from each of these characters, it was still difficult to figure out what everyone’s true motives were. There are a ton of twists because many of the characters seem to be playing for multiple sides so the author keeps you guessing the whole way through.

I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed the female representation in this book! I know it’s a low bar to be excited by the presence of women in a book but it’s really been quite rare in the thrillers I’ve read, especially tech-centered reads. I think authors tend to model real life in this way as women aren’t as highly represented in these fields but I’m so glad the author included them in this story. Life imitates art, right? I didn’t do a count but there are a ton of women in this book, maybe more than men, and many of them are in high-level positions.

There was one female character in particular I really liked, though it may better to say I loved to hate her! She’s probably one of the bad guys (though even she has you fooled at times) but she’s just so unapologetically vengeful and knows what she wants that it was easy to get sucked into her power lust.

My only real issue with the book, besides being confused without the context of the first (which is totally on me for not reading it), was the presence of a love triangle I thought was unnecessary. There’s not really any romance in this one so I don’t know that I can quite call it a love triangle, but there are some characters who make jealous comments about each other. It just felt out of place since it came more from ignorance than any real conflicts in love interest so I thought it kind of pulled away from the real drama of the story.

The story moves quickly and with so many parties involved in this hunt for dangerous treasure, there’s lots to keep you entertained! I think you’ll find lots to love with this one!

About the Author: Tony Batton worked in internationalVersion 2 law firms, media companies and Formula One motorsport, before turning his hand to writing novels. He is passionate about great stories, gadgets and coffee, and probably consumes too much of each.

Tony’s novels explore the possibilities and dangers of new technology, and how that can change lives. When not writing, or talking about gadgets, Tony likes to play basketball, guitar, and computer games with his two young sons. He lives in Twickenham with his family.

You can contact Tony by email here, or find him on Twitter. He’d love to hear from you.

Author links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week of thrillers! Let me know in the comments what some of your recent thriller reads have been!


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