Music Monday: Musical Haikus

Today’s Music Monday post (find all about this feature HERE!) is inspired in part by @bibliobutterfly on Instagram!

Way back in April, I participated in her month-long Bookstagram challenge and one day the prompt was haiku. Rather than write my own, I decided to borrow some verses from songs I was listening to and did a little mix-and-match. Here’s my original haiku in case you wanted to check it out 🙂

I thought making up a haiku, that preferably made some sense, would be pretty difficult I actually found that it was hard to narrow down all the verses I could use to only three! It seems like 5 or 7 syllables is really common in songs, or at least the ones I’m listening to. I really haven’t studied music in-depth so I don’t know if this is on purpose based on the rhythm of most popular songs but it’s something interesting I picked up on nonetheless! And since it seems so common, I thought I’d share some more musical haikus with you below!

Feel free to create your own haiku or participate in Music Mondays however you’d like and leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your creations!


Whispers in the grass

It’s all logic and pretend

Tonight is the same


Might be over now

It’s too late to change your mind

Let go for tonight 


Let love in your life

I feel more than my own share

Will you try it once?


You look like trouble

I’m not sure if I still care

I can never tell


They don’t all make perfect sense but I’m actually pretty happy with how these turned out! I’ve listed the songs I used below and you can also find them all in the Music Monday playlist I created a few months back, available on YouTube and Spotify 🙂

How did you guys make out? Let me know!


Songs: Bittersweet Melodies – Feist // Distractions – Groenland // Beautiful Trash – Lanu (in haiku 1 and 4) // Feel it Still – Portugal. The Man // The High Road – Broken Bells // Let Go for Tonight – Foxes (in haiku 2 and 3) // Healing Suns – Groenland (in haiku 3 and 4) // Machine Gun – Sara Bareilles // The Bells – Lowell


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