Review: Fall of the Dragon by Dan Allen

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This author stopped by earlier this year for a spotlight but now it’s time for my review!

Fall of the Dragon Prince by Dan Allen
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Audience: YA and older

Toran joined the five realms and tied their destinies to the survival of his secret heirs. But the king is now dead and his enemies gather.

Reann, a serving girl and self-appointed librarian of Toran’s estate, has a chance to unravel the greatest mystery in the realm.

On the other side of the kingdom, Terith and the other dragon riders fight to stop the invasion that would mean the fall of the empire. In this cross-country dragon race, Terith faces a black-hearted traitor with even darker purposes, to win the kingdom and the heart of the woman he loves.

One rider will fall; one fate will rise.

Get it here: Jolly Fish Press | Amazon | IndieBound | Barnes & Noble

The premise of the book intrigued me right away. I haven’t read any books about dragons, and don’t actually know of any besides Eragon and I guess Game of Thrones, so it seems like a really unique idea. I also liked that we got different POVs. With so many characters involved in this story, it made a lot of sense to have multiple perspectives and see the story through their eyes.

Some things in the plot felt a little too coincidental for me. I won’t give any spoilers here but sometimes things just happened to occur at the perfect moment so that the story could move forward. It wasn’t in every circumstance but enough that the story felt a little forced to me.

There was also a lot of description, which is something I’ve found pretty common in fantasy books. The world understandably takes some time to set up but every setting seemed to come with paragraphs of description. It does let up a little as you get into the book but for the most part, I think this could’ve been scaled way back so I could focus more on the story.

The story itself was a little confusing, in spite of all this description! I had a little difficulty following along because there was so much happening and so many names thrown around. Still, as with the description lessening up, it did become easier to understand as I made my way through and soon I couldn’t put the book down!

I think this book is better for a younger audience, probably teenage-level, so if you’re in the mood for a new YA series with all the dragons you could want, check out this series!

About the Author: Dan Allen is a dan-imagemulti-genre fiction writer, a father, husband and CTO of a Utah valley tech startup. His debut novel FALL OF THE DRAGON PRINCE is available for on Amazon from Jolly Fish Press.

Dan has designed lasers for the government that see through envelopes and (eek!) clothing, lit a three-story electron accelerator on fire (looks just like a warp core—well, before it burned), chased a flying stool across a high magnetic field zone, created nanoparticles in a radioactive hot lab (sorry, no spiders allowed), failed to make a quantum computer, and designed sensors for smart phones. Dan suffers from an incurable Peter Pan complex and spends his leisure time in outdoor adventures with youth groups, 3D printing cool gizmos, designing games, and having fun with his kids and drummer-artist wife.

Author links:Website | Twitter | Facebook | Book Website

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own


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