Music Monday: Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon

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Getting an email to review a book by Julian Lennon is definitely the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Plus, it’s designed with Earth Day in mind, one of my fave holidays (def not biased 😉 ) so now’s the perfect time to share this book with you all, especially since I can tie it into Music Monday!

It is a children’s book but who said those were just for children? 😛
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Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon with Bart Davis
Illustrated by Smiljana Coh
Genre: Children’s Book

Jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go wherever you want. Just press a button printed on the page, and point the plane up in the air to fly, or down to land it.

The Flier’s mission is to transport readers around the world, to engage them in helping to save the environment, and to teach one and all to love our planet.

Fly to the top of a mountain. Send clean water to thirsty people. Dive deep into the ocean (the Flier turns into a submarine!) to pick up pollution and bring back the fish.

Explore the planet, meet new people, and help make the world a better place.
An inspiring, lyrical story, rooted in Lennon’s life and work, with beautiful illustrations that bring the faraway world closer to young children.

The book includes words to a special poem written by Julian Lennon, specifically for Touch the Earth.

Touch The Earth is the first book in a planned trilogy. A portion of the proceeds from books sales will go to support the environmental and humanitarian efforts of the White Feather Foundation.

Get it here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound

I’m going to do my best to speak for the 3-6 age range 😛 This book is clearly intended for a younger audience but I still had a lot of fun reading it!

I definitely wasn’t expecting an interactive book! The reader is encouraged to help the earth by pressing “buttons” on each page, which range in actions from providing water to the land to flying your plane to a new location. (My mom and sis were laughing at me as I played along but you’ve got to get the most of the reading!) I’m sure that young readers would have even more fun playing pilot than I did.

This book covers really important issues relating to climate change and I think the author’s aim of exposing kids to these topics in such an accessible format is very clever. Climate change is never mentioned by name but with such a young age bracket I don’t think it’s necessary here. The overall themes are still present and they’re presented in such a way that kids should have no problem following along.

I want to mention the illustrations too, since that’s of course an important part of any picture book. They are so beautiful and I’ve included a few above! I really like this illustrator’s style and I think she complimented the story really well. You can find out more about her in the About the Author section below.

Overall, I think this is a fun book and I’m sure young readers will love the adventures they can have with this story!

About the Author: Julian Lennon is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, photographer, documentarian, and philanthropist. Born in Liverpool, England, Lennon is an observer of life in all its forms developing his personal expression through his artistic endeavors.Julian image

In 2007, Lennon founded the global environmental and humanitarian organization The White Feather Foundation, whose key initiatives are education, health, conservation, and the protection of indigenous culture.

Author links: Twitter | Instagram | Website | Facebook

Bart Davis is an international bestselling author of novels and nonfiction books. His most recent is Black and White: The Way I See It, the biography of Richard Williams, father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams. He has also written two feature films and a wide range of print articles. Davis lives in New York City.

Smiljana Coh is an artist who studied film animation and combines traditional and digital illustration techniques in her work. She has illustrated the picture book I Want to Be a Ballerina and wrote and illustrated The Seven Princesses. She lives in Croatia.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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