Review: Or Best Offer by Beck Medina

Hello lovely readers! Some big things are coming up in the coming weeks so I wanted to give you all some updates (and apologies for not posting more often this week!).

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my birthday and maybe more importantly, the 29th will mark my 1-year blogiversary! I’ll have a special post that day so stay tuned! It’s also the same day as Dewey’s Readathon, which I’ll be participating in. If you are too, you can follow my updates on Twitter and be sure to let me know where you’ll be posting!

I wanted to leave you off this week with a short story review. I really enjoyed Beck Medina’s last book, A Fantastic Mess of Everything, so I was thrilled when she reached out for a review of her latest! As always, all opinions are my own 🙂

Also, I deliberately chose today to post this review because the major event in the story takes place on the same day. Plus it works really well for today’s #JABBR Instagram prompt: female authors. You can check out my feed here! I’m having a lot of fun getting into the bookstagram community (and getting much better at taking bookish pictures :P)

Read on for my review and see you back here Monday for another #MusicMonday!

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Or Best Offer by Beck Medina
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Short Story

Cara Campos is a high school junior and a relentless boy chaser. For three years, she’s pined for Noah Levinsky, who doesn’t seem to notice her regardless of how many times she’s schemed to catch his interest. Cara’s scheming finally gets the best of her when she charges $500 to her stepdad’s credit card for non-refundable front row tickets to see Noah’s favorite band, The Spiral Dragons, and Noah can’t go. Cara turns to Craigslist to get the money back, only to reconnect with Liam, a charming boy from her past.

But when Liam challenges Cara to confront her need to win over Noah’s affection, is Cara ready to face the devastating truth behind it? OR BEST OFFER is a romantic comedy about self-love, acceptance, and letting everything fall into place

Pre-order it on Amazon!

This is a very cute story and much in the same vein as the author’s previous book. The MC is again a young woman, though this time in high school rather than university, and she also has an anxiety disorder that plays a pretty big part in the story, in this case OCD. I really appreciate that this author includes this in her stories because it’s helping educate readers and allowing more people to see themselves in these characters!

The characters themselves are really likeable and that makes the story so enjoyable! I think sometimes with short stories there’s not enough time to fully develop each personality but everyone in this story had their own moment to shine. Nick was probably my favourite, with Tom as a close second. I won’t give too much away but they both become heavily invested in these young people’s stories, and it’s so sweet to see how much they care!

There were a lot of funny moments in this story and I couldn’t help but smile along.  The conversation flows really easily and the characters are quick to provide smart quips back and forth. And I loved loved loved Cara’s incessant handkerchiefs! She certainly doesn’t give up without a fight, however long drawn-out that fight may be.

With characters easy to love and dialogue, though played up for humour, that feels natural, this story was a treat to read. Thank you again, Beck, and I’m looking forward to your next projects!

About the Author: Beck is a Beck imageCalifornia native living in Los Angeles. She’s a Dunkin’ Donuts enthusiast, pop music fanatic, and dedicated cat mother. Her debut novel “A Fantastic Mess of Everything” is out now. She can be found on all corners of the Internet as @beckmedina.

Author links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own


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