Another Ask the Author Update!

Our next Ask the Author chat is coming up soon so here’s some info on this month’s book and author! You can start brainstorming your questions before the big day!

This month, we’re joined by Steve Nelson @bustamuse and our chat will be April 12th from 5-6pm CST on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #AsktheAuthor to join in!
And feel free to grab the button below for your own blog 🙂

As always, I’ll be posting my own interview with the author here earlier in the day, and if you’re unable to join us at the scheduled time you can ask your questions in the comments or over on our Goodreads group.

And of course, don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to read this book. There’s still lots you can ask and we definitely don’t want to exclude you from the conversation!

Hope to see you there!

cognitive-imageCognitive Debris by Steven Nelson
Genre: Short Story / Poetry / Prose

Throughout the years, you live and witness and experience. And all of those phenomena are recalled later in varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. These excerpts from life are periods of personal tumult, events that generated intense emotions, and accounts of others’ conquests that are so poignant you’ve never forgotten them, not one detail. They are variations of trite phrases that you’ve altered to help you better remember them, and fictional stories incubated in your imagination that you augment to become more complex and pleasing. They are funny things you used to say, a trademark phrase, a “youmark”-something everyone at the party expects to hear at least twice from you. You collect them and protect them because they mean something to you, and maybe only you-they are you. We all live with this cognitive debris, and how we interpret and react to the events of each day is filtered through the prism it creates in each of us. This is mine.

Get it here: Amazon | Smashwords

About the Author: Steven C. Nelson was raised in Central Ohio, where he still resides with his supportive wife and rambunctious children. His writing is influenced by the contrasting seasons and rural aspects the Midwest has to offer, as well as the purity of the emotions experienced when with his family. What began simply as a means of capturing and contemplating the awesome phenomena life presented to him each day, his first work, Cognitive Debris, is a collection of those ruminations.

Author links: Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads



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