What is America Deconstructed?

Today I’m really excited to share a crowdfunding campaign with you all, not only for the book (which I highly recommend you support!) but for this great platform that helps authors find publishers. Publishizer allows potential readers to pre-order books which proves to publishers that there is interest and a market for it. America image

This particular book is America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan and Shaima Adin, an especially timely collection of stories that depicts the real lives of immigrants living in America. You can find out more about the book below (and their many social media pages) but first…

Check out the crowdfunder here and definitely consider pre-ordering if you can! It’s great to be able to help authors and I’m sure there are many people who’d love the chance to read this book!

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And now, thank you to author Chaithanya Sohan for today’s guest post!

What is America Deconstructed?

Imagine being nine years old and surviving the Taliban? Imagine walking the dangerous corners of Oakland as a teenager completely oblivious to the crimes around you? As immigrants in America, we all have come here with a vision and an idea. One of the protagonists in the book America Deconstructed said she thought American roads were made of gold when she was in Nigeria, or that she would live this super glamorous life she saw on television. When I came to America in 2001, I did not know “how are you” was meant as a greeting. When someone on the street asked me how I was doing, I stopped in my tracks to tell him exactly how I was feeling. Little did I know it was just a greeting?

America Deconstructed chronicles these human experiences that are unique to immigrants. One of the protagonists in the book talked about going to MacDonald’s and waiting to be catered to. He did not know fast food joints did not cater to your needs. America Deconstructed celebrates the journeys of sixteen such immigrants and their journey in America.

Please pre-order and support us! We have until April 10th to make our pre-orders.


About the Authors

Chaithanya Sohan immigrated to America from Chai imageIndia in 2001. She currently works as an Electrical Engineer in the Silicon Valley. Chaithanya graduated from San Jose State University with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Chaithanya Sohan has worked as a writer since 2002 when she started writing content for various websites. She free-lanced as a writer until 2013 when she decided to write her book America Deconstructed. She worked as a research manager and writer at One Earth One Mission for over four years during where she authored various pieces on political issues such as women empowerment and racial issue surrounding South Asians after to the September 11th attacks. Some of her works are published in websites such as www.rethinkreality.com. Chaithanya enjoys traveling and runs her own blogs www.nomadicsue.wordpress.com & www.wordspeare.wordpress.com. Some of her most-liked articles on her blog have been on cultural differences which has been an inspiration for this book. Besides that, being married to an American has also played inspiration to the birth of America Deconstructed.

Shaima Adin came to the United States as a Shaima imagerefugee in May 2000 at the age of 16 with her mother and sisters. She is originally from Afghanistan but has lived several years of her life in Pakistan as a refugee as well. Currently, she works in an engineering management position at a Safety and Quality testing laboratory in Union City, CA. Shaima has been married to Naseer for 7 years and they have one daughter, Hadiya, also aged one. Naseer, who is also one of the protagonists in this book, came to the US through marriage to Shaima, a US citizen in 2009. Both, Shaima and Naseer are first generation immigrant/refugee who made the American dream a reality by creating a comfortable life for them. They both love to travel, listening to music, or just going on long drives.

In light of recent times and all the debate about immigrants and refugees around the world, Shaima joined forces with Chaithanya to put forth the stories of immigrants from different backgrounds who have called America home. Her purpose in doing so is to paint a different picture of immigrants and refugees by displaying their side of the stories and the struggles of starting from nothing.

Author links: Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads



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