Author Interview: Rival Gates

Next Ask the Author chat is tonight! Today, I’m interviewing Rival Gates, author of the fantasy series, The Sapphire Chronicles. You can find out more about his latest and the author himself below, which should provide you with plenty to create your own questions.

Don’t forget to join us on Twitter from 5-6pm tonight to pick the author’s brain 🙂 Just use the hashtag #asktheauthor and tag @rivalgates1 and myself @spinesinaline! More info on the Ask the Author page above!

Repercussions Abound
by Rival Gates

Genre: Fantasy

Linvin’s uncle Anvar is the closest person to him in the world and Anvar’s life is in the great half-elf’s hands. There’s just one problem. Linvin doesn’t remember him! Anvar is being held hostage by Linvin’s twisted nemesis, Lord Mandrean. Linvin has until the first frost to surrender to him and take his uncle’s place in the gallows. Sadly, after a crack on the skull Linvin has forgotten his old life and taken up a new one. With time passing quickly and still a long way to travel, Linvin must regain his memory soon and leave his new life and wife behind if there is to be any chance of reaching Anvar in time. Even if he gets there, can he really save Anvar and hold out any hope for himself in this custom made trap?

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Sam/Spines: Let’s start off with a little game to learn more about you: what are two truths and a lie about yourself?

Rival Gates: I lived in Canada for 13 years, I backpacked through southern Ontario, and I won my first wring award at age 9

S: How did you get started in writing? Have you always wanted to be a writer?

RG: My father was a writer and an editor.  I wanted to be like him.  When I would feel down and alone I would write.  My dream was to one day have someone read it.

S: What other jobs have you had?

RG: I have worked mostly as a manager and a salesman.

S: Who are some of your influences?

RG: Aside from my parents, (my mother was an English teacher) I was influenced by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gene Roddenberry and many others.

S:  Can you tell us a little about your book?

RG: The main character, Linvin, has until the first frost to surrender to the evil Lord Mandrean for execution or else his dear captive uncle takes his place in the gallows.  The problem is, Linvin was struck on the head and lost his memory.  He has been living for months on a family farm and has even taken a wife!  If he does not remember in time, his uncle is doomed for sure.

S: Though this is part of a fantasy series, are there any parts of your own life that you’ve been able to incorporate into your writing?

RG: When I was in grade school I would be encircled and attacked by groups of boys at a time.  Many of the strategies Linvin uses for fighting superior numbers came from my own self-defense.  You learn a lot when fighting for your life.

S: Do you have a favourite character in your book or one you connect with most?

RG: This book reintroduces Newminor the Gnome.  Think of all the things you’ve always wanted to say but knew you shouldn’t.  Then add all the things you wanted to do but thought better of it.  Well Newminor is the person who says those things and does those things.  He has no filter. As Newminor puts it, he is a thief who is an assassin as a hobby. He’ll say what he likes and if you take offense he has no problem killing you.  And by the way, he is funny as hell!

S: What are you working on next?

RG: I’m just starting work on my next book, “The Thief Master of Ravensburg.”  It is the 5th in the series.  It features Newminor.

S: And now for some fun questions: What is your Hogwarts house?

RG: Ravenclaw, they never get any love.

S: Favourite flavour of ice cream?

RG: Heavenly Hash

S: Dogs or cats?

RG: Dogs any day of the week.

S: And finally, where can we find you?

RG: You can find me on my website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.


About the Author: I was born in Port Huron, Michigan USA and moved to a suburb of Toronto, ON, Canada at age five.  My father was a technical writer and magazine editor while my mother was a high school teacher.  Always interested in creative writing, I participated in many contests in grammar school which led me to start writing my own short stories.  At age thirteen I began working on one, which kept developing and progressing until I had a hand-written manuscript for “Quest for the Red Sapphire” at age fifteen.  The project was shelved for many years through high school and then returning to the USA to attend Michigan State University.  I graduated with a degree in Communication and found that I had a gift and enthusiasm for speaking in public.  That led me to a career in furniture store management and sales.

With my first PC I dusted off my old story and began to revise it.  Not a day had passed since I first created the story that I did not consider some aspect of its outline.  An entire series was planned and put in order to be written.   Backstories were formed and the series was ready to produce.

After years of refinement of the stories, my mother came to me with a terminal illness and made me promise to publish the books.  So I did just that.

I found a wonderful agent and published the first three books of my series, “The Sapphire Chronicles.”  They are “Quest for the Red Sapphire”, “The Sapphire Crucible” and “Mandrean Revenge.”  I have recently published “Repercussions Abound.”  The series keeps on growing.

Author links: Website | Blog | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

First books in the series: Quest for the Red Sapphire | The Sapphire Crucible | Mandrean Revenge: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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