Spotlight: 11,984 by Scott Evans

Another spotlight this week! This is a new take on the apocalyptic genre, and it gets a little weird but that’s where the humour comes in! Look below for an opportunity to read and review!

119-image11,984 by Scott Evans
Genre: Humour/Sci-fi/Literary/Action
Audience: People who enjoy political humour, social satire, and plays on words

When the sky starts turning colors, in the year 11,984, a family must build a getaway ship before radiation insanity overtakes them.

Meet you typical family of the future – Two mothers: Cotton, Secretary of State of Mind, and Troll, world’s leading hydrologist/interior decorator, whose plans to retire quickly change when the drought to end all droughts tests the limits of her skills. Three fathers: Carroy, the sarcastic footbasebaskety hero, Neon, the dynamic death metallurgy rock star with plaid skin, and Bulb, the cranky genius whose complete faith in science is challenged by the collapse of society. Two kids: Bowl and Star, and don’t forget the robots: Sensuon 4000DD, the curvaceous therapy-bot programmed to heal. Heavy-Duty, the giant powerhouse for big jobs. And last, but not least, Litterbot, the clumsy cleaning-bot, whose highest priority is frustrated by a world without messes, and humans who give him no respect.

Earth society in the distant future eradicated war, disease, racism, and sexism a very long time ago. Everyone lives in peace, has all the possessions they want, and can change the pattern of their skin at will. They live in bubble houses and fly bubble cars. Most objects are either invisible or see-through, including their clothes. Life is boring with science having answered all known questions, that is until the sky starts glowing colors, the first warning the sun is getting ready to supernova!

As the family builds an evacuation ship, everything looks tinted by the sky colors, which change throughout the day from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The colors keep intensifying, causing more static in the equipment and color insanity, which worsen over time. It gets so bad, they physically mutate. Fortunately this helps them work faster. They almost finish when the world computer crashes. They must use primitive paper books and rely on Litterbot. Just when they don’t need any more problems, they realize the moon has started to slowly descend. It gets bigger and bigger AND BIGGER, orbiting faster and faster, causing super PMS, and pulling everything into the air. Can they launch before getting smashed to pieces? Will Litterbot sacrifice himself to save the family?

I can definitely read the humour in this one from the blurb, even just from the names! Good news for all of you: the author is currently seeking reviews for this book! You can send him an email at the address below to request a review copy AND check out his Facebook page to read the first couple chapters.

About the Author:
Scott Evans attended University of Rochester and Harvard University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Author links: Facebook | Email:





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