Next Ask the Author Chat: March 1st!

There’s another Ask the Author chat already on the way! Next month I’ll be posting two interviews on the blog (very busy month) and we’ll be having two chats to go along with them)!

I wanted to give you a little info about the first author and her book so you can start working on your questions. In a couple weeks, I’ll announce the following author (though you can get a head-start and see who it is on the Goodreads page 😉 )

First up is Miri Castor, author of The Path to Dawn! Her book follows a black bisexual girl, Opal, who has to protect her world Earth and an alternate world from evil. Sounds perfect for fantasy and YA readers! Find out more below:

path-imageThe Path to Dawn by Miri Castor
Genre: Fantasy
Audience: YA/Teens

Opal is a young girl living in Dewdrop, a bustling suburb southeast of New York. Life is a constant struggle for her, until she befriends newcomer, Hope Adaire. With the girls’ friendship slowly beginning to grow, Opal’s life begins to change in mysterious ways, as the secrets of Hope’s enigmatic life begins to unfold.

In the process of taking new paths and unveiling truths, a new world is discovered and with it, the discovery of a Gift a power that can make Opal stronger than she ever imagined. Yet with every truth, lies must be shattered. Now, when Dewdrop and the new world is threatened, this temperamental teen with too much emotional baggage, must learn how to control her Gift, and protect everyone living in her world and the new one—or face the consequences of unmasked truths.

The Path to Dawn is a coming-of-age story geared towards young adults and teens. It is a story that should make one question the power of truth and lies.

You can check out the Ask the Author page (in the header above: Author Q&A -> Ask the Author) for more details on how the chat will work but remember to stop back in March 1st to see my interview with Miri Castor and get even more background for your own questions that evening.

Just remember to use the hashtag #asktheauthor!!

And if you’re participating or would like to share the news, you can grab the badge below for your own site or social media pages and link back to this blog!




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