Spotlight: Fall of the Dragon Prince by Dan Allen

Today’s spotlight comes from author Dan Allen with the brand-new release of his epic fantasy! Read on to learn more about the Dragon Prince and where you can get a copy of your own!

Fall of the Dragon Prince by Dan Allen

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Audience: YA and older

The Kingdoms of Montas are poised to collide, and at the center of it all are a bold servant girl and a fearless dragon rider. Are they the lost heirs of the legendary King Toran? Can they unravel the mystery of their inheritance in time to save their kingdom from destruction?

The crystal compass predicts a turning point when Reann, a seventeen-year-old servant, will take control of her fate, and Terith, a fearless dragon rider, will determine the fate of his people.

Using the Crystal Compass to track and alter fate, King Toran joined the five realms and tied their destinies to the survival of his secret heirs. But the king is dead and his enemies gather. The hope of all lies with the heirs of Toran. But nobody knows who they are.
When a handsome noble from the south arrives at Toran’s castle in Erdal with clues to the secret heirs, Reann, a servant girl and self-appointed librarian of Toran’s estate, finds herself unravelling the greatest mystery in the realm. She discovers the late king’s true intentions for his heirs, and finds her own life and heart in danger.

On the other side of the kingdom, an invading force threatens the Montas barrier. Only Terith, a prince of the Montas and the other dragon riders can save the rest of the realm. Before Terith and the awakened riders can stop the invasion that may very well be the fall of the empire, he must ride in the challenge. In this cross-country dragon race, Terith faces a black-hearted traitor with even darker purposes, to win the kingdom and the heart of the woman he loves.

One rider will fall; one fate will rise.

Get it here: Jolly Fish Press | Amazon | Indie Bound | Barnes & Noble

About the Author: Dan Allen is adan-image multi-genre fiction writer, a father, husband and CTO of a Utah valley tech startup. His debut novel FALL OF THE DRAGON PRINCE is available for on Amazon from Jolly Fish Press.

Dan has designed lasers for the government that see through envelopes and (eek!) clothing, lit a three-story electron accelerator on fire (looks just like a warp core—well, before it burned), chased a flying stool across a high magnetic field zone, created nanoparticles in a radioactive hot lab (sorry, no spiders allowed), failed to make a quantum computer, and designed sensors for smart phones. Dan suffers from an incurable Peter Pan complex and spends his leisure time in outdoor adventures with youth groups, 3D printing cool gizmos, designing games, and having fun with his kids and drummer-artist wife.

Author links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Book Website

Thank you Dan for sharing your book with us! Sounds like an exciting story and I’m looking forward to reading it!

Watch for my review in the coming months!

As a quick note, thanks to everyone who joined us for the first Ask the Author chat with Kim Askew and Amy Helmes! We’ll be having another one March 1st with author Miri Castor so watch this space and the Goodreads group for more info!



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