Spotlight: Harris Estate by Stacey Cotter

First spotlight of the month features a new mystery by Stacey Cotter, full of secrets and intrigue! Sounds like a great suspenseful read!

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harris-imageHarris Estate by Stacey Cotter
Genre: Fiction/Mystery/Drama/Romance

A family mystery unfolds deep in the heart of Texas as a grisly discovery is made in the farmhouse that a young woman has inherited. As the truth unravels so does the woman’s sense of identity and self.

Leah Murphy arrives in the small town of Oakdale, Texas with the intention of selling the Harris Estate, a property left to her by her Uncle Kent Harris. She soon learns about hidden family secrets buried in the dark reaches of the decaying old farmhouse. A grisly discovery on the property sparks an investigation with local authorities, which opens up Pandora’s box. Leah’s entire identity falls apart as her family becomes a jigsaw puzzle of new pieces rearranged and fit back together. During these trials and tribulations, her marriage is tested, her desires are amplified, and she has decisions to make that will affect everyone she loves.

Harris Estate is a cryptic and intriguing story of betrayal, buried secrets, and a woman’s life come undone.

Get it here: Amazon | 3L Publishing

Here are some words from the author herself!

Why did you write the book? In January, my grandmother passed away at the age of 96. We celebrated her life and the love that she gave to all of us. Like many people after losing someone special, I found myself analyzing my life, past, present and future. A week after the service, I was on a several-days-long road trip for work when I drove past an abandoned farmhouse. My mind and imagination went into overdrive as I was curious what had taken place there over the past decades. By the time I finished work and was checked into my hotel, I had a blank Word document in front of me begging for words. That night I wrote the first chapter of Harris Estate and had the entire novel written within just a few weeks. The story and words just poured out of me, sometimes faster than I could fathom.
Writing a novel was something that I had always wanted to do, but there was always an excuse or reason not to do it.

Who is your favorite character in the Harris Estate and why? The story is centered around our lead character, Leah Murphy, who I would deem as my favorite character in Harris Estate. Being a wife, mother and associate of a family-run IT Firm makes Leah a very busy, yet relatable character. So many of us are constantly juggling various activities in our daily life, I felt that it was vital for our main character to be someone that we could all relate to.

What theme in the book do you hope readers understand and take away from it? I’m in hopes that the reader enjoys taking a wild ride that makes them question what they might do in the various scenarios that our characters are thrown into. My goal is for them to experience the same range of emotions: shock, fear, humor, passion and vengeance. Harris Estate, is the type of book that allows you to escape the day-to-day stresses of life, and take you into another person’s life of challenges and personal strife.


About the Author: Stacey Cotter has a degree in psychology and business administration, which led her to a career path in long-term care. With a passion for literature, several stories had been in her mind for years, but weren’t ready to come out until now. Harris Estate was worth the wait, as it is her first published novel. The sequel, Harris Estate, The Aftermath, will be forthcoming in early 2017. Closure, a new fictional mystery, will follow in late 2017. Stacey lives with her husband, two children and two pugs.

Author links: Facebook | Twitter

Thank you Stacey for sharing your book with us! Sounds like a very creepy, suspenseful mystery – just my style!




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