Guest Post: 50 Life Lessons by Taylor Hartshorn

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Today’s guest post is courtesy of author, Taylor Hartshorn. Her book, Different Walks, just came out in October and it follows two women trying to follow their live’s path. To help us, she’s sharing with us some of the lessons she’s learned herself.

Take it away, Taylor!

A lot of things inspire me to write. With my first novel, a lot of it came naturally. I began with no outline and continued with it in that regard. I let the story unfold on itself.

As I begin a second manuscript (or attempt to, anyways) I hope to encounter that same organic process. I am moved by the power of words and how they can be used so eloquently, meaningfully, negatively…you get my point.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever read was a list of life’s most important things a 45-year-old woman wrote after being diagnosed with breast cancer. When I read it, I took to a journal of my own. I didn’t want to wait to make my own list of what was important to me, and what I found to be meaningful life lessons. So many of her points correlated with what I believe, but my favorite includes:  “Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.”

Purple happens to be my favorite color anyways, so that works out in my favor. I composed a more contemporary list of my own, and I’d like to share it publically. I have done my research on this (from the likes of Pinterest), but a majority of these are simply things I have come up with and choose to live by from personal experience. The list is ever-changing, but I felt it important that in the New Year, I revisit some of what refreshes me.

Although I was considered quite young to have published a novel, I also recognize I may be quite young to be making a list of life’s most important things; and not even important, but just what I’ve noted as useful in the past.

I am now 25-years-old and I encourage you to check out my novel Different Walks available on Amazon and Kindle (and soon to be Audible). I’d love to hear comments and thoughts on what you think. I have appreciated the accolades and success it has brought me thus far. The past three months since it’s been released have been wild to say the least, and for that I am very grateful.

Below is my list. I encourage you to make your own. I believe they are variant on personality, yet I hope you find mine beneficial.

  1. Don’t complain,
  2. Be nice to the ref,
  3. Know the difference between red and white wine glasses,
  4. Move your body once a day,
  5. Learn a proper handshake,
  6. Don’t believe in third chances,
  7. Put your phone away at the dinner table,
  8. Call your parents,
  9. Don’t rant on social media,
  10. Read the room,
  11. Beware of the people who have nothing to lose but also those who are only in it to gain,
  12. Avoid redundancy,
  13. It’s okay to take a day off,
  14. Pray about it,
  15. Jealousy is a wasted emotion,
  16. Take the scenic route even if it’s out of the way,
  17. Never be too expectant,
  18. Never be too good to start at the bottom,
  19. Pay off your debts before you spend frivolous,
  20. Change at least one person’s life for the better,
  21. Overprepare and overpack,
  22. If someone trusts you with information, value that and keep your word,
  23. Treat your body as the temple it is,
  24. You’re family isn’t you: have your own ideals and create your own individuality,
  25. Failure is important,
  26. If you think a problem is trivial, it’s not if you care enough,
  27. Invest your money in memories,
  28. Age is simply a number,
  29. Upgrade your life by determining your passions,
  30. Your head and your heart are a circuit: listen to both,
  31. This too shall pass is the truest statement you’ll ever hear,
  32. Have the slice of cake if you want it,
  33. Form your own opinion of people regardless of their reputation,
  34. Everyone else is equally as confused,
  35. If you can help it, don’t gossip,
  36. Go to church: it’s just an hour and a half once a week,
  37. It is possible to train yourself to be a morning person,
  38. Successful people are willing to learn,
  39. You can have whatever you want,
  40. Don’t take dating seriously in high school,
  41. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it,
  42. Don’t dumb yourself down,
  43. Never be the last one in the pool,
  44. Don’t buy things if they’re not on sale,
  45. Throw yourself a pity party, then get over it,
  46. ‘No’ is a complete sentence,
  47. Avoid commuting to and from a job if you can help it,
  48. Hold your heroes to high standards,
  49. When you say, “I love you,” mean it,
  50. Find yourself, and go be that.

I hope you enjoyed my list, and I encourage you to check out my author blog. Additionally, my novel can be found on Amazon

Thanks for reading!

diff-walks-imageDifferent Walks by Taylor Hartshorn
Genre: General Fiction (themes of romance, adventure, and tragedy)
Audience: Young Adult/Adult, 15+

A stack of letters burned a hole in the box under Sage’s bed for the past sixteen years. There wasn’t a day she hadn’t thought about them, just sitting there wastefully as she went about her high society life. They were letters from the only man she ever truly loved, Max; advising her to find him only when she recovered from a past that led her astray. Sage was only getting older, and the monotony of her life made that all the more prominent. If shewere ever going to rekindle a lost love, there would be no better time to leave everything behind and rough it in the great outdoors. Crossing several state lines,she’d walk, unbeknownst to Max, however long and far it took to see him again.

 Meanwhile, Phoebe had become disinterested with everything that used to motivate her. Adolescent years were trying enough, but with a past so unclear to her, she’d cling to gaining popularity and ignorance to pass the time, until one day everything she thought she knew came tragically crashing into perspective. 

Many miles, several secrets and one reunion help the two women realize that sometimes it’s not how far you go or what you experience, but the different walks that define the journey.

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About the Author: Taylor Hartshorn is a 25-year old Pennsylvania native who currently resides in Atlanta where she lives with her family and miniature dachshund, Finn. Though Different Walks is her first novel, it will not be her last!

Author links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Thank you so much Taylor for sharing your wisdom!

I’d love to hear some of the life lessons each of you have learned!
Have you made your own lists? What are some things you live by?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter/Instagram @spinesinaline!



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