First big news of the new year!

At the end of last year, I started Author Interviews on this blog. The middle Wednesday of every month (closest to the 15th!), I feature an author and their latest book.

However, while I’ve been able to ask my own questions, I really wanted to branch this out and find a way to include the larger community.

Sooooo… I’ll now be hosting #AsktheAuthor chats!

At the beginning of every month, I’ll share who will be interviewed and the book I’ll be featuring so you have time to prepare your own questions for the author. Maybe it’s even a book you’ve read before! Then during the chat you can use the hashtag #AsktheAuthor and tag myself @spinesinaline and the author to ask your questions!

If you’re unable to join us during the chat, you can ask your questions ahead of time. Just make sure you use the hashtag and tag me and I can include those questions in the chat. You can also leave your questions as comments on the interview post and I’ll make sure they get asked and answered!

Our first chat will be February 15th from 5 to 6pm CST with the authors of the Twisted Lit book, Puck, Kim Askew and Amy Helmes! You can visit them on Twitter @kaskew and @amyhelmes and start prepping your questions!



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