Review: The Wave at Hanging Rock by Gregg Dunnett

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First review of the new year! You can check out my interview with this author from last month. And now as promised, here is my review for this page-turning thriller! Fair to say, I really enjoyed this read!

Even better for all of you, the e-book is free across all platforms!

The Wave at Hanging Rock by Gregg Dunnett
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Thriller

What if the best friend you had growing up turned out to be a psychopath? Might just a little of it rub off on you?

JESSE is just twelve years old when his dad dies and his mum moves him from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, to a village in Wales where it never stops raining. And that’s where his luck really runs out.

He’s stuck with a grieving mother, classmates who won’t accept him, and worst of all – no-one to go surfing with. Until he meets John. Cool, handsome, confident. He’s head boy at the nearby private school, and a keen surfer. Jesse is so keen to make friends he barely notices the little things that aren’t quite right. Will Jesse realize what he’s getting close to before it’s too late?

NATALIE is beautiful, newly qualified as a clinical psychologist and recently married to the perfect man. But her charmed life is torn apart when her husband goes missing in mysterious circumstances. Can she discover what happened to him? And can she keep her own dark secret hidden while doing so?

The Wave at Hanging Rock is a powerful and intelligent thriller where that will grip you from the first line, and keep you guessing till the very last page.

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So I know I’ve said before that I rarely manage to guess the twists in mystery novels but there are so many in this book and it really messed me up! I had to stay up long after finishing it just going over everything I had read, and if a book stays with you that long, you know it’s a good one.
I kind of surprised myself with this rating but I’m still thinking about it! It deserves 5 stars!

I don’t want to give more about the book away besides what’s in the summary above because this book is really like a puzzle and it’s much more enjoyable if you’re the one putting all the pieces together. So trust me, you’re gonna want to read this book.

What I will say is that we follow two perspectives here, Jesse and Natalie, with no clue as to how their stories are connected, if at all. There’s plenty of room for speculation as to how they may be related but it reads like two separate stories.

One of the things that really catches my attention with books is good dialogue and it felt so natural in this book. There’s one scene in particular with Natalie and another person in a bar and I was just struck by how easy their conversation was! This is what makes a great book as opposed to a good book.

What may be a turn-off for some people is that the book features a great deal of surfing and surfer’s lingo. Not being a surfer myself, I had difficulty picturing some of the things the author was describing but I was able to understand well enough to follow along. There were some chapters that seemed to drag on in the description though, so in those parts I would’ve preferred a shorter summary.

This is a deliberately messy novel so it’s a breath of fresh air from your typical mystery, definitely fitting the thriller genre better. While it doesn’t get to the highly disturbing levels of Gone Girl, I was left feeling uneasy and slightly stressed out after reading it. It’s frustrating for sure, and involves the kind of situation that would honestly be my worst nightmare if it ever happened in real life, but it makes for a gripping read!

Author links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Mailing List

What are some thrillers you’ve read and enjoyed?
Any coming out this year that you’re looking forward to?


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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