Canadian Library Month and Readathon!

2 posts in one day?! Crazy!

I didn’t want to let this month go by without mentioning what month this is:
Canadian Library Month!


As some of you may know, I’m planning on entering into a Master’s program for Library Science with the hope of joining the field some day so I’m tuned in to all things libraries! This month is all about raising awareness of the value of libraries (see my earlier post) and today in particular, the third Friday in particular has been named Canadian Library Workers Day.

You can learn more about this day and the organization behind it (Canadian Federation of Library Associations) here and check out their Twitter @CFLAFCAB. And why not celebrate by going to your library today and thank your local librarians for all the work they do for your community!

And in that vein, I wanted to mention that I’ll be participating in Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon tomorrow. I definitely won’t be staying up the whole 24 hours and I’ll be interspersing my reading with homework (and writing my MLIS application letter!) but I’m excited to follow others’ progress on Twitter. You can see what I’m up to tomorrow by following me on Twitter @spinesinaline and the tag #readathon.

Here’s my TBR pile for Saturday (though I probably won’t finish):

(I’ll be part of a blog tour next month for the first book and the author will be stopping by for an interview so don’t miss it!)

As well, I have a few articles to read for class that I’m going to count 🙂

Read-a-thons are a lot of fun cuz it’s a chance to meet some other book bloggers in this wonderful community! Even if you aren’t participating, come join the chat and cheer on others! Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people tomorrow!


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