Music Monday: Books by Musicians

For today’s Music Monday, I thought I’d compile a list of books I’m looking forward to reading that were written by musicians. It definitely seems like a reasonable next step for these artists who are so skilled in writing lyrics.

Of course, it’ll likely be some time before I get around to actually reading these since I’m in the thick of school right now, but I can leave this as more of a dream goal! I’ve only included 3 here but I know there are many more wonderful books, so if you have any favourites I missed be sure to leave a comment or tweet me @spinesinaline!

sara-image Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song by Sara Bareilles

I don’t know that I mentioned it on this blog before but Sara Bareilles is my all-time favourite singer. I love Sara Bareilles so of course when I found out she had written a book it immediately went on my to-read list. Another goal for my dream list is to see her perform live but that will all depend on if she comes to Canada on her next tour (whenever that is)! So for now, this is the next best thing.

She writes her own songs and if you’ve ever heard any of them, you’ll know her lyrics are incredibly powerful (here’s a video of her latest single). And I expect she would deliver the same impact through writing a book as she does with her songs, as others’ reviews seem to confirm! I’m really looking forward to reading this one cuz I know it’ll be great!
(And also, maybe someone can get in touch with Sara and ask her to do a Canadian tour)

Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs by Leonard Cohencohen-image

Another great lyricist and there have been many rave reviews covering his foray into writing. I had seen a few poems from this collection shared on social media and liked what I read so this was another book I had to look up.

I really enjoy poetry but I haven’t read too many collections before, mostly just one-off poems and most of those have been for English class. My current favourite poets are Robert Frost and Lawrence Ferlinghetti but I’d really like to be able to explore more poets, and Cohen’s collection is just one of many poetry collections on my to-read shelf.

(Since we’re on the subject of poetry, another poet I’ve heard a lot of good things about is Rupi Kaur, and her collection, milk and honey, is high on my next reads pile)

The Story of Pines
by Alison Sudol

I like to add background when I’ve got a fun story about how I found a particular artist. Several years ago, back when you could still rent movies, my family rented Dan in Real Life.

By the way: terrific movie, terrific music, which leads me to my discovery.

There is one song in the movie that is performed on-screen by a man and woman. I knew who the man was already (Sondre Lerche) because he was mentioned in a special feature on the video as he wrote much of the music in the film, but I really wanted to find out who this other singer was. So I went to trusty IMDB and looked up the soundtrack, and Alison Sudol (stage name: A Fine Frenzy) was one of the artists listed!

Note: she was not the woman I was looking for but I still decided to look up her other music and I’ve been a fan ever since!

This book was written as an accompaniment to her album, Pines, and is described as a fairytale-like book that follows a pine tree who tries to find a home after its forest has disappeared. I’ve listened to several of the songs off this album but it will be interesting to go back and see how the music and book work together.

Those are the ones on my list so far but I’d love to hear your suggestions! You can see more of my Music Monday posts here.

Who are some of your favourite musicians-turned-authors?
As always, leave your recs in the comments or tweet them to @spinesinaline!


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Books by Musicians

  1. Cool topic for a post! And you’re right, it seems to random at first for someone music to make the leap to books, but it actually does make sense because both involve writing and creativity and many of the same things. I can’t recall the name of the series, but I know Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) has written some graphic novels, and I’d love to give those a try!


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