The Crepes of Wrath by Sarah Fox

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Definitely picked this one because it involves pancakes! Not really stellar for me but enough pancake content to keep me on board.

Marley isn’t new to Wildwood Cove but it’s been a number of years since her last visit when she agrees to run her cousin’s restaurant while he’s in the hospital. While her time here starts off enjoyable, it quickly takes a turn for the worst when her cousin is found murdered. Not one to sit by while the cops do their work, Marley quickly gets caught up in the mystery surrounding this small town and tries to find a killer, while also trying to avoid becoming a victim herself.

The mystery itself started off pretty strong as we discovered more and more suspects who may have committed the murder. However, I didn’t like the ending. It wasn’t much of a surprise but it still felt like the weakest suspect ended up being the killer. There wasn’t a lot of a motive provided and what was given was quickly delivered right at the end, not expanded on earlier in the book.

One thing that kind of irked me was the amount of physical description. The author seemed to want to catalogue every movement of the main character, and it ended up reading more like a screenplay than a book. Unfortunately, this just bogged up the book when I would’ve rather read more of the character working out the mystery.

The nice thing about the book is that it is a lighter mood than some mysteries, a so-called “cozy mystery” so if you are looking for a light read, this would be it. The recipes at the end were also a good touch, as the Pancake House that features in the book is very popular for their dishes, and I’ll definitely be giving some of them a try.

This is the first in the series so I am expecting it to get better but this first book was just okay for me.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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