Korian and Lucy by Zoe Kalo

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Review this week for a very short story, prequel to Daughter of the Sun!

After meeting Trinity in the first book/”sequel”, now we get to meet her parents! This is a brief look into the lives of Korian and Lucy before Trinity, 9 months before her birth. A love story that provides a better understanding of Trinity’s beginnings.

First off, read Daughter of the Sun first! You can read my review here to find out more about it. This short story plays off the events of the book and gives us a chance to learn about two characters in more detail. Without reading the first book, you probably won’t understand the importance of what happens in this short story and I wouldn’t blame you if you aren’t able to follow along. It really serves to add backstory to Daughter of the Sun so it’s definitely meant to be read second!

It felt difficult rating such a short story alone so my rating is based on the two books together. This story didn’t really stand out but since I really enjoyed Daughter of the Sun and this story allows for a fuller understanding of the world and characters in that book, I’ve given this one 4 stars as well.

The perspective in this book changes to that of the two lovers so we get to learn about all the characters from different sets of eyes. This was really well done because even though we see a different side of the characters in the first book, these new developments were still in line with how we had come to know them, so there was no loss in their characterization. The author definitely has a talent for writing characters and I’m glad that it carried over to this story.

Great series to try out if you’re looking for a new fantasy series! There will be at least two more books to come, watch for them here!

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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