Sacrificial Lamb Cake by Katrina Monroe

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This was another one of those books where it wasn’t really for me but I don’t want that to reflect back on the book. Despite my feelings towards the book, it was very well-written and the author has a quick humour that stood out immediately from the first page. Even though I personally didn’t like it, I was laughing along with her jokes and the slightly bizarre characters! Just remember that these ratings are about how I liked the book, and not of the book itself.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the description of the book cuz it is weird, which seems to be a theme with this author.

Oh. My. God.

Rain Johnson escaped the insanity of her radical environmentalist family, only to end up waitressing for a living. Her scale of success—with her at the bottom—only goes as high as that college degree she never got, until she gets one hell of an epiphany from a Trinity Corporation public-relations guy who calls himself Jude. He tells her she’s the Lamb of God, and it’s time for that whole Second Coming thing. But when her first minor miracle gets her arrested and an ecoterrorist using the name Messiah starts blowing up pesticide plants, Rain and Judas are in for way more apocalypse than either of them expected.

Jude scrambles to save his personal plan for salvation, but Lucy, the devil herself, has her own well-laid plans. It doesn’t matter that Rain’s a conflict-avoiding lesbian and Jude is history’s worst traitor. They’re all that stands between humanity and an end of the world that wasn’t supposed to happen.

There’s clearly a lot going on here, with major religious undertones, overtones, and everywhere in-between!Quick note: Jude is the one and only Judas, so you can see where this story is going (not a spoiler! he’s introduced on the first page). He has come up with a plan to increase people’s faith once again by creating a figurehead for the Messiah. Little does he know, that figurehead may have some real stuff going on and an all-out war is threatening just below the surface.

This is a fictional telling of many people from the Bible, much different than what you may have learned in church, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many Christians that are uncomfortable with this book. If the premise is already putting you off, I think you’d be better off avoiding this one. I don’t believe the author is intending this to be read as an alternative way of viewing Christianity. For myself, I was able to separate the two and read this as the satire it is intended as.

The humour in it is quite natural so it was a fun read, even though I was reading about the apocalypse. Somehow the author was able to keep it light even with the horrific events that took place. That’s not to say that she downplayed these events. Our main character, Rain, faces an entire upheaval of her life and this is given significant weight in the book. Still, it doesn’t weigh down the whole book so there’s this nice balance that the author has created.

Check out the author’s links below to learn more about her and her books. While this book didn’t rate high for me, I did notice some others she’s published that seem more my style so I excited to try those!

Author links:Website | Twitter

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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