Melody Bittersweet by Kitty French

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This was such a fun read and I want more! I save 5 stars for, like, knock-my-socks-off reads and while this didn’t quite reach that level, it certainly came close.

It’s sort of a modern-day Ghostbusters (so right on time for the new movie) but it’s less about fighting the ghosts and sucking them up into the vacuum-thing (sorry, I haven’t brushed up on my Ghostbusters vocab) and more along the lines of Ghost Whisperer but with a lot fewer scares and way more laughs.

Melody Bittersweet can see ghosts. So can all the women in her family, which is why they run a business helping people make contact with their late loved ones. However, at twenty-seven Melody feels stuck in life so she decides to start her own business, the Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency. Though it’s not going to be easy as she faces her crazy family, a egotistical ex, and a reporter with a vengeance, Melody is determined to prove herself and help some ghosts in the process.

The humour in it actually reminded me of a book I read last year, The New Mrs. D, so if you’ve read one I think you’ll enjoy the other. It had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments so just overall, a really enjoyable read! Melody as our main character was also incredibly relatable and I loved her interactions with everyone in the book, especially Artie. All of the characters are well-developed and likeable (improvement from my last review!) and it was interesting to follow their story. Plus there are so many of them, you won’t get bored!

The present-tense kind of threw me at first but halfway in I no longer noticed it. I’ve read a few books now that have been in present-tense and while it does seem to be fairly uncommon in books, I think it really worked for this one. Maybe a random choice by the author but one that serves the book well.

I hope you’ll give this book a chance! I really enjoyed it and I’m definitely gonna pick up the next in the series as soon as it becomes available. It sounds like the author already has an idea so it just depends on how fast she can get that idea on paper!

Author links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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