New Album: The Bookshop Band

For our first Music Monday, we’re starting with a band with an incredible love of books.

Aptly named, the Bookshop Band writes songs based on books they’ve read and then perform these songs in bookshops around Europe. As they describe it, these songs are their “reader’s responses as songwriters” (Goodreads).  What a perfect fit for our book/music mash-ups!

The band formed in 2010 with 3 members, Ben Please, Beth Porter, and Poppy Pitt, but  now as one of them prepares for a new adventure, the band decided to record all of their previously unrecorded songs while they were all still together. This huge undertaking has taken a year of hard work and culminated in ten records to be released over the coming months.

we are the foxes


July sees the release of the second of these records with We Are the Foxes, a collection of songs based on books such as The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters and The Apartment by Greg Baxter.


Along with these inspired songs, the albums also include readings from one of the featured authors, as well as beautiful artwork for the album cover. This month’s cover was created by Jacob Stack.

Each album has a different artist designing the cover, as well as its own theme. We Are the Foxes is inspired by stories set in the city, while the band’s first album in this series, Curious and Curiouser, takes inspiration from fantasy stories like Alice in Wonderland and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Bookshop Band easily transports you into the worlds of these books with their fantastical songs. I’m sure hearing them live, surrounded by books, only adds to this magic.

We Are the Foxes will be released July 3rd but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp. The band will be touring to promote the album, so you can check out the dates and locations here to see if they’ll be near you.

Definitely check this band out if you or someone you know is a booklover! They’re sure to have written a song on a book you’ve read, maybe even one of your favourites! Watch some of their past performances and learn more about the band: Youtube | Facebook | Twitter


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