Skyshaker by Dean F Martin

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My favourite steampunk series is back! (The fourth book is actually already out but I’m a little behind, oops!)

This is the third book in The Great Iron War series; check out the first book, Hopebreaker, on Goodreads. I definitely recommend getting into this series, even if you’re not a fan of dystopian novels. Wilson takes a really unique spin on this popular genre so it’s a very entertaining read.

It’s best if you read the first two books before this one for a clear understanding but I’ll give a bit of a backdrop here. In Hopebreaker we’re introduced to the world of Altadas. People here are no longer able to give birth to humans because demons have taken over the birth process (a tricky business) and now rule the humans under the command of the Iron Emperor, “demon king”. The demons have also set up large factories to produce Hope, a drug that they need to survive and which many humans have become addicted to. Hope is a very dangerous thing.

However, a group called the Resistance is determined to take down the demon race. Jacob, a smuggler and all-around not-great-guy (and our main character), becomes swept up in the action and suddenly finds himself on the side of the Resistance. Now in Skyshaker, the Resistance has come up against their greatest challenge yet, finding themselves right in the thick of battle.

There’s just so much that is interesting in this series! Each of the titles is also the name of one of the Resistance’s war machines: tanks, submarines, airships, etc., which is where the ‘steampunk’ genre comes in. As defines it, roughly, it’s a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery (get it? steam). So yeah, there’s a lot of focus on the technology that both sides are using but the author goes into such detail that even if you don’t know all the parts of a tank (me) you should be able to follow along pretty well. Rommond, the leader of the Resistance, is also the one in charge of these machines and he’s so invested in them that it’s easy for the reader to become invested in them too.

While the earlier books gave us more of the background of Altadas and an introduction to all of the characters, this is where it gets serious. We’re really in the war now and the tone of the book has changed accordingly, while still allowing for some laughs along the way (mostly at Jacob’s expense). It also felt like we were able to flesh out the characters more, even the ones we’ve been following the whole series. Rommond especially was given a lot more depth in this book. The author does a really wonderful job with his characters and the dialogue so even in this dystopian, demon-ruled world, I never feel it loses its realness.

I really, really love this series and I hope you’ll give it a try! There’s more to come for this group, the war’s never over!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



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