The Weaver by E.D. Walker

The Weaver image         smaller starsmaller starsmaller star

Full title – The Weaver and Other Unsettling Short Stories

First disappointment: only 3 short stories in this collection. I would have preferred a larger selection, especially to see how else the author would engage with this theme, but oh well!

Overall, I found this collection okay. I didn’t enjoy the first story at all. It just felt too stilted, like the language was very formal so there wasn’t a nice flow in reading it. The second was probably my favourite as it was a clever re-imagining of the Scrooge tale, focusing on the horror of coming face-to-face with an angry ghost rather than the feel-good mood of the holidays.

Still, the author is very creative with her telling of the stories and each is “unsettling” in its own right. I really would’ve liked to see how else she could spin this “unsettling” theme but with only three stories it didn’t feel that it led anywhere. Hopefully there will be a volume 2!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review



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