The Value of Libraries

Stumbled across an excellent article from the Globe and Mail yesterday! As I’m preparing for a Master of Library Science, I have heard a lot of comments about how libraries have outlived their use. These mainly come from the general public or the government (as this article discusses), not from those actually within the field who can see the benefits libraries have in today’s world and have a very different story to tell.

Get thee to a library: It’s more important than ever – Globe and Mail

As the Globe and Mail author, Jessica Riddell, points out, libraries are dynamic spaces, not stuck in the old ages as so many seem to think. As books and our reading habits change, libraries are also continuously adapting. Not only are they keeping up with technological advances, but the space they provide is equally important, an opportunity for everyone to access their free services, even if that service is just a couple hours out of the cold.

Be sure to check this article out and spread the news: libraries are important!



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