Mini Reviews: My Faves

A lot of books I’ve really enjoyed in today’s post! Some of these are a looong time coming,  including my top 2 faves from last year. These cover a range of genres so there’s bound to be something for everyone!

infinite imageInfinite Noise by Lauren Shippen
Genre: YA Contemporary | LGBTQ Romance

Likeable characters, a swoony romance, and a very cool set-up – it was pitched as X-Men if the characters went to therapy so I was interested immediately. It’s actually based on a podcast (which I haven’t listened to yet) but I think it works well in book format. It’s a very quick read with short chapters as we switch between our two main characters. Normally I’d find that a bit halting to switch so often but they play off each other really well. The only thing with it being so short is we don’t get to go really in-depth with some of the more confusing storylines. There is some really great conversation around mental illness though, a friend was going through a similar situation as one of the characters and he described it almost exactly like the author does.

My one pet peeve: one of the characters is supposedly some hipster type and so becomes the go-to for recommending cool music – yet only recs top 40 hits? Songs that are so popular every radio station plays them are not classified as “hipster tunes”.

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Review: Underwater Breathing by Cassandra Parkin

underwater          starstarstarstar

Thank you to Legend Press for sending me a copy and waiting a year for my review! :))))) Life, amirite?

This was an interesting book about a family and a house being lost to the sea – lots of mystery and family drama!

Underwater Breathing by Cassandra Parkin
Genre: Literary Fiction

On Yorkshire’s gradually-crumbling mud cliffs sits an Edwardian seaside house. In the bathroom, Jacob and Ella hide from their parents’ passionate arguments by playing the ‘Underwater Breathing’ game – until the day Jacob wakes to find his mother and sister gone.

Years later, the sea’s creeping closer, his father is losing touch with reality and Jacob is trapped in his past. Then, Ella’s sudden reappearance forces him to confront his fractured childhood. As the truth about their parents emerges, it’s clear that Jacob’s time hiding beneath the water is coming to an end.

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First of all, I got it in my head that this book was a fantasy (I guess I was thinking underwater breathing like superpowers or mermaids?) and it is not that so I had to make some personal adjustments as I was reading. It feels like a bit of a slow start but the suspense is built up right from the beginning as we flip between the past and present and switch perspectives, including one narrator who seems to be writing some kind of cry for help. Lots of secrets to uncover so it’s easy to get pulled in. Continue reading

Mini Reviews: PopSugar Part 5

We’re still going on this feature! I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of these but it’s an easy way to group my reads together and we are almost done! Still no book for ‘sugar’ though…

Today’s prompts have nothing in common with each other so here they are!

A book with no chapters, unusual chapter headings, or unconventionally numbered chapters (from the advanced prompts!); A book with a two-word title; A book inspired by mythology, legend, or folklore; A novel based on a true story

less imageLess by Andrew Sean Greer
Genre: Fiction | LGBTQ

You may remember this one as the book everyone was talking about two years ago when it won the Pulitzer Prize. The library I volunteered at recently bought it so I’d read it on my shifts (fyi our shifts mainly consisted of us being there if anyone had questions, we could do our own work at the same time, I wasn’t slacking off 😛 ). It was entertaining and funny in parts, but didn’t pack an absolute punch. There were some strong moments throughout as the main character deals with his series of crises and ultimately questions who he is, but not enough for me to love it or find it especially memorable.

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