Challenge Update 2019

I’ve been doing another mostly lowkey year of reading, in terms of setting challenges for myself. Waayyy back at the start of the year I talked about my reading goals for 2019, the only form of New Year’s resolutions I really take part in, so here’s how I’m doing so far!

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New Job, New Home, Hiatus No More

Hey everyone! Remember when I left a big cliffhanger in my last post saying I had big news and then disappeared for 3 weeks? Whoops!!

But first, I also said I’d update my final Bout of Books numbers so here they are:

  • Books finished: 3 (A Spot of Bother, The Desert Run, Consigned to Death)
  • Books read: 5 (above and Go, Find and Deadly Appraisal)
  • Pages read: 537

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Bout of Books Check-in / Life Recap

Hey all! How’s the readathon going for you? I’m writing this early (Wednesday) so I don’t know yet how much I’ll read in all but as I’ll be on the road on the last day, I’m going to do a little count now and update it later!

Plus, I have some very exciting life news that I couldn’t wait to share :))

First, book news:

I don’t have any set goals for this readathon so it’s just been reading as much as I can. I finished one of my current reads – A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, about a dysfunctional family with a father who thinks he’s starting to go insane. Very weird and some very gory parts but a pretty decent read.

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