Challenges: WPL Summer Reading

I just learned about my hometown library’s Adult Summer Reading Challenge and I figured I’d join in!

Winnipeg Public Library is hosting a reading challenge for adults with a bingo card of 24 prompts to guide your reading. I’ve unintentionally already read books for a couple of the prompts (I’m counting the books I’ve read from May on, university summer) so here’s my challenge check-in!

Graphic of a bingo card with written prompts in each square against an illustration of a sandy beach. Prompts include "published this year", "book from your childhood", and "award winner". The free space is filled with photos of a pair of sunglasses and flip flops.
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Mini Reviews: Missed Expectations

The title’s a little harsh but for today’s mini reviews, I’ve grouped books that weren’t as stellar as I was expecting. I am glad I read them and they were both on my 2021 TBR so I’m making good progress!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the books below as they’re both pretty popular!

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