Life Updates: I Need A Break

Not a hiatus announcement but close to it.

any excuse to use Schitt’s Creek gifs

I’ve been feeling really burned out lately and scrambling to get the different things I want done. With blogging, I’m often rushing to write posts the night before instead of feeling like I have time to plan out everything I’d like to share. Continue reading

Spines Talk: Current Reads

So I’m pretty sure that category title isn’t gonna stick 😛 When I refreshed my blog last year, I started adding categories to my post titles (life updates, mini reviews, lovely libraries, etc) but I haven’t landed on one for discussion posts yet. If you have any suggestions, please please offer them below! And for my past posts, you can find them under Blogger Tags in my Features menu above (for posts I’ve been tagged in and just general thoughts and opinions of mine)!

All that aside, today I’m talking about current reads! Because I’m reading so slowly and intermittently I have nothing to review right now! Continue reading